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Automotive lubricants

Choose from our comprehensive line of synthetic base stocks  to capture the performance benefits valued by manufacturers and vehicle owners.

Applications and benefits

Use synthetic lubricant base stocks to formulate gear oils that resist breakdown from heat and high-speed operation.

Compared to mineral oil base stocks, benefits include:

  • Better oxidative and thermal stability for long service life
  • Lower pour points for improved operational low temperatures
  • Cleaner equipment, less varnish and sludge
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Less in-shop downtime
  • Less oil disposal

Recommended products:

Synthetic lubricants can offer a number of performance benefits in two-stroke engine mixtures for environmentally sensitive applications such as chainsaws, snowmobiles or marine outboard engines. Synthetics may also allow for leaner burn ratios, which can increase engine power output. Synthetic lubricants formulated with Esterex™ esters offer improved protection compared to mineral oils, providing enhanced lubricity and clean burn to prevent carbon buildup.

Recommended products:

Synthetic oils are preferred in four-stroke engine oil for their ability to improve cold-start performance and their good low-temperature flow characteristics in the most severe winter conditions. Using SpectraSyn™ Lo Vis PAO improves both power and performance by reducing friction and wear and also provides high-temperature stability for reliable performance and improved oil quality.

Recommended products:

In gasoline and diesel fuels, ExxonMobil Product Solutions fluids carry the active ingredients of additive formulations to meet fuel specifications and enhance performance. Learn more about these solvents here >

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