Industrial Fluid Metal Extraction

Industrial applications  

Benefit from one of the industry's widest product ranges for industrial applications. Our solvents, EPDM rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene, synthetic base stocks, propylene-based elastomers and thermoplastic vulcanizates have a proven track record for supporting a wide range of applications.

  • Aluminum somentor launch sleeves

    Aluminum rolling

    Somentor™ paraffinic base oils are specially designed for the aluminum-rolling industry. They offer clean annealing properties to reduce the potential for production rejects and are FDA-compliant for use in the production of food-packaging foils and sheets.

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  • Exx-Wash™ compressor wash oil

    Compressor wash oil

    Exx-Wash™ compressor wash oils are specifically designed to remove foulants and clean process gas compressors.

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  • Containers filled with liquid

    Containers and tanks

    ExxonMobil Chemical polypropylene, polyethylene and Vistamaxx™ performance polymer products are designed for high performance and affordability across a wide range of industrial container and tank applications.

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  • Factory conveyor belts

    Conveyor belts

    Vistalon™ 706 EPM is a copolymer specifically engineered for use in industrial power transmission belts.

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  • Dry Clean only tag ExxonMobil Chemical

    Dry cleaning

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed DF-2000™ synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solvents such as perchloroethylene.

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  • Industrial Sewage Pipes stacked

    Gaskets, seals and hoses

    ExxonMobil Chemical’s portfolio of thermoplastic vulcanizates and EPDM rubber helps make seals and gaskets for industrial applications more durable and cost-effective.

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  • Industrial Bearing parts

    Industrial cleaning

    Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids are strong choices for a wide variety of industrial cleaning applications and can be used in place of chlorinated solvents, mineral spirits and kerosene-based cleaners.

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  • Metal Solvent Extraction

    Metal solvent extraction

    From the copper mines of Chile to mining sites around the world, Escaid™ diluents offer excellent solutions for the effective extraction of valuable metals.

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  • Metal working parts

    Metal working

    Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ fluids are a leading choice for cooling and lubrication fluids used in metalworking processes.

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  • Multiple Colored Doorframes

    Decorative coatings

    ExxonMobil’s broad portfolio of hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids allows customers to tailor their paint, coating and ink formulations for peak performance; meet anticipated market needs; and satisfy increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

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  • Polymerization Pellets ExxonMobil Chemical


    Exxsol™ and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids are used by polymer producers around the world to support polymerization and foam-blowing processes.

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  • Close-up of Assembly of fabric


    Exx-Print™ hydrocarbon solvents are used in printing ink formulations for offset lithographic printing processes including heat set (web feed) and quick set (sheet feed).

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  • Aerial view of Polyacrylamides chamber


    Producers of flocculants have relied on Exxsol™ D100 fluid for years to formulate their water treatment products.

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  • Surfactants

    The surfactant industry faces the challenge of delivering a biodegradable product that meets performance requirements.

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  • City view from above

    Univolt™ transformer oils

    Learn how Univolt™ transormer oils are formulated to improve performance and extend transformer life.

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  • Close up of Filtration unit


    The consistent and uniform filtration properties of nonwovens made from Achieve™ Advanced PP promote high performance in filters for liquids, air and gas in automotive applications. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can also be used to tailor barrier properties of filtration nonwovens.

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  • Contractor working on house frame

    Industrial fabric coatings

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed performance polymers that are extrudable over a wide temperature range and can be used to tailor the end-use properties of polyethylene- or polypropylene-based coatings.

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  • Industrial Worker reviewing plastic pallets

    Compounding for industrial products

    Create long-lasting products that are easy to install and meet tough performance specifications with Vistamaxx™ performance polymers.

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