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Exxal™ higher alcohols

Exxal alcohols are primary alcohols, that contain both even- and odd-numbered hydrocarbon chains, ranging from C8 to C15.
The structures of our hydrophobes are unique and create differentiating properties such as low pour points, biodegradability*, solvency and wide viscosity ranges across all of their derivatives.
Our high-purity Exxal alcohols exhibit reactivity typical of higher primary alcohols. Thanks to their branched structure, they offer many performance advantages
Exxal branched alcohols

Isomeric branched ranging from C8 to C13

Exxal 1315 LE is our latest highly-linear alcohol, offering the benefits of slight branching
Exxal 1315 LE – Linear efficient alcohol

Our highly linear alcohol with the benefits of slight branching

Global supply with regional responsiveness

Largest alcohol producer, ready to grow with customer needs.
We offer integrated sites for higher alcohols in Americas and APAC.
Global supply with regional responsiveness

Versatility and performance

Our customers use Exxal alcohols to synthesize derivatives for different industries including surfactants, polymer additives, adhesives, lube and fuel additives and lubricant esters.

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