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Univolt™ transformer oils  

Ready to experience a transformation? The next generation of Univolt transformer oils is formulated to improve performance and extend transformer life. Since ExxonMobil first developed a transformer oil in 1893, Univolt products have continued to redefine the industry standard.

Historically, naphthenic oils have provided generally acceptable properties as transformer oils. However, Univolt paraffinic oils surpass traditional naphthenic oil performance in many key areas, backed by more than 100 years of industry experience and supply reliability. Because the future begins with the current.

  • Greater oxidation stability to minimize sludge formation in the transformer*
  • Undetectable level of elemental sulfur to help extend transformer life
  • Improved seal compatibility with less elastomer impact on PF100*
  • Lower aromatic content while providing consistent gassing tendency*

Key benefits

  • Icon of two times in a circle describing 2 times higher oxidative stability

    Up to 2x higher oxidative stability*

    Extending service and improving efficiency

  • Icon of a gear within an armor describing project simplicity and protection for long gear life

    More than 100% lower negative gassing*

    Reducing equipment failure

  • Icon of a diamond with a badge describing up to 75% less aromatics

    Up to 75% less aromatics*

    Offering more consistent quality, and safety, health and environmental benefits

  • 40% lower viscosity at 0°C*

    Offering better low-temperature performance

  • Heartbeat icon

    Over 5% improvement in thermal properties*

    Reducing the risk of premature aging

  • Improved material compatability icon

    Improved material compatibility*

    Reducing leaks

*Compared to traditional naphthenic-based oils

  • Zachary Patterson Global Market Developer

    Performance by design

    Learn how new and improved Univolt™ transformer oils are the result of years of research and development.

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  • Univolt transformer oil has 40% lower viscosity at 0 degrees.

    The future begins with the current

    See how Univolt transformer oil is formulated to improve performance and extend transformer life.

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Learn more about the technical benefits of Univolt.
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    Get the technical information that shows how Univolt transformer oil is formulated to extend transformer life.

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