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Exxon™ butyl rubber provides critical product performance attributes to enable the automotive and pharmaceutical industries to deliver key customer benefits:

  • Tires made with halobutyl rubber innerliners have improved air retention, which helps to maintain proper tire pressure. Better air retention brings consistent performance over time — improving energy efficiency, tire life, and safety
  • Pharmaceutical stoppers and seals, made with Exxon™ butyl rubber, provide securely delivered product purity

    You can rely on consistent product quality and supply from a global network of world-class halobutyl rubber production facilities. 
  • ExxonMobil Chemical Butyl Rubber Plant

    Butyl rubber

    Exxon™ butyl rubber is the foundation of today’s butyl rubber technology. It is a copolymer of isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene. The primary properties are excellent air-barrier performance, good flex fatigue and vibration damping.

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  • ExxonMobil branded Tire


    Exxon™ bromobutyl rubber is derived from halogenating butyl rubber with bromine in a continuous process. It is structurally similar to Exxon™ chlorobutyl rubber and produced through the same halogenation process.

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  • Rack of tires made with Chlorobutyl

    Chlorobutyl rubber

    Exxon™ chlorobutyl rubber is derived from halogenating butyl rubber with chlorine in a continuous process. It is structurally similar to Exxon bromobutyl rubber and produced through the same halogenation process.

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  • BIMSM Pharma Stoppers

    Specialty elastomer for pharmaceuticals

    Exxpro™ specialty elastomers, brominated isobutylene paramethylstyrene terpolymers (BIMSM), provide a super-clean solution and cost-effective alternative to expensive coated stoppers.

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  • exxpro blue car arch

    Boost your tire performance

    Innerliners made with Exxpro™ specialty elastomer keep air in the tires longer and boost vehicle performance.

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    Gradeslate: 80 years of leadership in butyl technology

    Reference the list of ExxonMobil Chemical’s butyl rubber gradeslate, including grades and typical applications.

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    Video: Proper air retention can make all the difference

    It’s the everyday moments that can easily go from simple to complex, good to bad, or economical to expensive – simply due to tire inflation. ExxonMobil halobutyl tire innerliners help to keep the air in your tires.

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    Pioneers of innovation: The fathers of synthetic rubber

    Read how these pioneers have opened doors to further learning and exploration in their fields and beyond.

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