Elevexx™ 线性 α 烯烃 (LAO)

Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins (LAO)

Introducing our full-range, linear alpha olefin product offering. The strongest bonds start with putting our customers first.

Start stronger together.

There is something miraculous about how molecules bond – patterned display of teamwork and chemistry, of alignment through purpose. That is our mission in creating Elevexx™ LAOs. To be the source of consistency and quality, that performs with inevitability, like the nimble chemistry that bonds our molecules together.

More than a supplier, we’re LAO users, researchers and partners, with the support, expertise and infrastructure to help you get from a moment’s inspiration to the final formulation. Our business is to instill your business with the confidence to believe that every goal is achievable.

Key benefits

Introducing Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins

We intend to collaborate with our customers to bring them the full value of ExxonMobil, combining our expertise in chemistry with our customers’ expertise in formulation.

Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins – Together, we win

Meeting the standards of purity, consistency, and quality we demand of ourselves is a benefit we pass along to all our customers. We believe linear alpha olefins are essential building blocks to fueling innovation.


Drag reducing agents (Elevexx™ 0600 AO, 0800 AO, 1000 AO, 1200 AO):
Drag reducing agents (DRAs) are pipeline flow improvers used primarily in the oil and gas industry. Linear alpha olefins are the primary olefin used to manufacture DRA into the oil and gas industry. 
Lubricant and fuel additives (Elevexx™ 1400 AO, 1600 AO, 1800 AO, 2024 AO):
Our Linear alpha olefins are the reactive intermediates used to manufacture a range of lubricant and fuel additives, such as detergents, pour point depressants, viscosity index improvers, extreme pressure additives, and frictional modifiers. 
Paper sizing (Elevexx™ 1600 AO, 1800 AO): 
Linear alpha olefin is the hydrophobic component in alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA), primarily used as an internal sizing agent. ASA inhibits water absorption and control the spread of inks into paper and board. Other applications for ASAs include fuel and lube additives, food modifiers, epoxy resins and more. 
Surfactants (Elevexx™ 1200 AO, 1400 AO, 1416 AO): 
Surfactants are surface active agents, which are primarily employed to reduce surface tension for cleaning and industrial uses. High performance surfactants, formulated with linear alpha olefins can boost detergency in many household and industrial cleaning, personal care and oil and gas applications. 

Drilling fluids (Elevexx™ 1400 AO, 1600 AO, 1800 AO): 
Drilling fluids play a key role drilling operations in deepwater biodegradable offshore environments. 
Plastics and polymers (Elevexx™ 0400 AO, 0600 AO, 0800 AO):
Co-monomers used as strength modifiers for specialized plastic packaging and films.


Synthetic lubricants (PAO) (Elevexx™ 0800 AO, 1000 AO, 1200 AO):
Intermediates for polyalphaolefins used in synthetic base stocks.


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