EM Elevexx™ LAO – drag reducing agents

Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins for drag reducing agents

Drag reduction agents (DRA) are pipeline flow improvers used primarily in the oil and gas industry. Friction resistance is the main form of fluid energy loss in pipe transportation. Consequently, a large number of pumping stations must be built along the pipeline to provide additional energy to overcome the fluid resistance. Therefore, if the selection of pipe diameter, pump station, and equipment are conservative or improper in size, the use of drag reduction agents is a solution to reduce resistance in the conveying flow and improved operations.

Less friction - improved flow.

Elevexx™ linear alpha olefins (1000 AO, and 1200 AO) deliver effective high or ultra-high molecular weight polymer performance for drag reduction manufacturers to improve pipeline capacity, reduce operational cost and frictional pressure losses while transporting crude around the globe.
EM Elevexx™ LAO – drag reducing agents

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