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Polyethylene Products

Explore our industry leading Exceed™ S, Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polyethylene (PE) resins ― as well as our LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, and Paxon™ HDPE resins, and specialty copolymers ― which have been designed for a broad range of polyethylene applications.

Experience tomorrow’s performance today with ExxonMobil PE products and solutions.

Performance polymers

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Enable™ performance polyethylene for easy processability
When you are looking for more stable operations and better line output, Enable™ PE resins deliver excellent processability and bubble stability with HAO properties in a single resin.
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Introducing Exceed™ S performance polyethylene for so much, so simply
When your applications demand the ultimate in stiffness and toughness, and easy processing is essential, the Exceed™ S resin portfolio is the solution that elevates performance, while simplifying operations.
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Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene for eXtreme Performance
If your applications are highly demanding, the Exceed™ XP portfolio of resins offers the extreme toughness needed to deliver truly differentiated solutions.
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Exceed™ performance polyethylene for sealability and optical performance
For your applications that need a combination of outstanding sealing and best-in-class optical properties, Exceed™ PE resins are the answer.
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Core resins

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HDPE resins
Our broad portfolio of HDPE resins provide a suite of solutions for machine direction oriented (MDO) films applications as well as blow molding, roto molding and injection molding.
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LDPE resins
Our broad portfolio of LDPE offers a combination of high melt strength, excellent optical properties, and outstanding shrink performance.
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LLDPE resins
Our broad portfolio of general purpose LLDPE resins can meet a wide variety of performance requirements over a broad range of density and melt index.
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Specialty copolymers

Lamination Tubes by ExxonMobil 
EAA copolymers
Escor™ ethylene and acrylic acid (EAA) copolymer resins offer excellent adhesion to polar substrates without the need for primers.
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EMA copolymers
The most thermally stable of all high-pressure PE copolymers, Optema™ ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) copolymers can be processed by extrusion coating lamination, blown/cast monolayer and coextruded films, injection molding, sheet or profile extrusion, blow molding and foam extrusion.
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EnBA copolymers
ExxonMobil™ ethylene n-butyl acrylate (EnBA) copolymers adhere to a variety of polar substrates including paper, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC and unplasticized PVC.
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EVA copolymers
Escorene™ ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers are used in extrusion film processes for applications including packaging, surface protection and greenhouse covers – and in photovoltaic cell encapsulation. View these thermoplastic resins.
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Exact™ plastomers
Alpha olefin copolymers for flexible packaging, molded/extruded products, wire and cable, and foaming compounds.
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