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Explore Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers as well as specialty copolymers and additional polyethylene grades for numerous applications.

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    Performance PE polymers

    Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polyethylene (PE) polymers are ideal for a range of applications. From solutions that require extreme performance to those that offer an optimum balance of high alpha olefin (HAO) benefits, our portfolio can meet your needs.

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    ExxonMobil™ and ExxonMobil™ NTX linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resins offer an optimal balance of toughness and stiffness.

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  • LDPE

    ExxonMobil™ low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resins range from 0.913 to 0.934 g/cm³, making them suitable for a large variety of applications.

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  • HDPE

    High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are well suited for a range of blow, injection, and rotational molding applications like IBCs and storage tanks; crates and pallets; pails and lids; automotive components; bottles and caps; toys and water sports equipment. Additionally, HDPE resins are utilized in extrusion film applications such as grocery, garbage and deep-freezer bags (10 to 25 microns).

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    EAA copolymers

    Escor™ ethylene and acrylic acid (EAA) copolymer resins offer excellent adhesion to polar substrates without the need for primers.

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    EMA copolymers

    The most thermally stable of all high-pressure PE copolymers, Optema™ ethylene methyl acrylate (EMA) copolymers can be processed by extrusion coating lamination, blown/cast monolayer and coextruded films, injection molding, sheet or profile extrusion, blow molding and foam extrusion.

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    EnBA copolymers

    ExxonMobil™ ethylene n-butyl acrylate (EnBA) copolymers adhere to a variety of polar substrates including paper, polyesters, ionomers, PVdC and unplasticized PVC.

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    EVA copolymers

    Escorene™ ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers are used in extrusion film processes for applications including packaging, surface protection and greenhouse covers – and in photovoltaic cell encapsulation.

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    Exact™ plastomers

    Alpha olefin copolymers for flexible packaging, molded/extruded products, wire and cable, and foaming compounds.

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Industries and applications

Explore featured stories

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    ExxonMobil PE Market Insights: September 2020

    Welcome to the first in a new series of PE Market Insights from ExxonMobil Chemical. With many sources of data available, we want to share our perspectives with customers and value chain partners on the PE business. Our aim is to provide meaningful information to help you make informed decisions.

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    Case story: Bag-in-box solutions that reduce failure rates while using only half the plastic content

    This recyclable bag-in-box (BiB) solution helps to reduce waste, minimize product returns and uses less material thanks to the extreme toughness and flex-crack resistance provided by Exceed™ XP.

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    Introducing flexible films with increased stiffness and extreme toughness

    Flexible films with increased stiffness and extreme toughness may have seemed only possible tomorrow but, thanks to patented technology from ExxonMobil, they can be fabricated today. Converters no longer have to compromise between stiffness and toughness.

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Video center

  • Creating recycled solutions. Together

    Performance PE: Creating recycled solutions together - TechTalk video

    This video discusses Exceed™ XP performance PE in multi-cycle recycled heavy duty bags and silage covers containing up to 50% post-consumer recycled PE and collation shrink packaging with up to 30% recycled PE.

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    High performance films for consistent load stability

    The value chain provides valuable insight into how more consistent load stability can protect products and make our roads are safer. Learn how better holding force, force absorption and load lock is being achieved in sustainable stretch films due to our performance polyethylene. Experience tomorrow’s performance today in your stretch films.

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Featured resources

View highlighted news, events, technical papers and case studies below. To see our full collection of resources, browse our Library.
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    Exceed™ XP - when eXtreme performance matters - customer testimonials

    Hear what our customers say about Exceed™ XP - when eXtreme Performance matters - for step-out mechanical performance and excellent processability.

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    Performance polymers Product finder (North America).

    Performance polymers are ideal for a range of applications.

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    Performance polymers Product finder (Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe).

    Performance polymers are ideal for a range of applications.

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    For picture perfect results, discover extreme performance polyethylene (PE) polymers for a variety of applications

    Exceed™ XP performance PE polymers offer step-out mechanical performance and excellent processability for a wide range of applications.

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    Food packaging film

    Help brand owners protect their food products using eXtreme Performance packaging

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    Boost toughness and sealability in film applications

    Today's manufacturers want flexible packaging with high performance capabilities.

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