Product Guide: Performance Polyethylene Product Finder (Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe)

• Exceed S resins enable converters to rethink film design for simpler solutions. Exceed XP PE resins offer mechanical properties that allow converters to manufacture extremely damage-resistant films for highly demanding applications. Film formulations can be designed to provide extreme performance, while helping to manage costs through to the end-user. • Exceed PE resins enable converters to manufacture films with a combination of outstanding sealing and best-in-class optical properties like high gloss and transparency. • Enable PE resins deliver optimized performance by combining excellent processability and bubble stability with HAO properties in a single resin for more stable operations and better line output. • Exact plastomer resins are designed to provide key performance properties in both monolayer and multilayer blown film applications, such as food packaging, laminated films and multilayer packaging film.

Explore our industry leading Exceed™ S, Exceed™ XP, Exceed™, Enable™ and Exact™ performance polyethylene (PE) resins, which have been designed for a broad range of applications.

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