Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene

For eXtreme performance
Exceed™ XP PE resins offer mechanical properties that allow converters to manufacture extremely damage-resistant films for highly demanding applications. Film formulations can be designed to provide extreme performance, while helping to manage costs through to the end-user. Exceed XP PE resins offer extreme flex-crack and dart impact resistance; exceptional aged property retention; outstanding machine direction (MD) tear strength: and, enhanced flexibility and sealability.

Key benefits

The latest addition to the Exceed XP family: Low density Exceed XP 7 polyethylene resins
Exceed™ XP 7 resins deliver remarkable mechanical performance with a combination of low density and fractional melt index (MI) that extends the extreme performance of the Exceed™ XP PE resin portfolio to ‘never seen before’ levels.

Offering high levels of elasticity and holding force, puncture energy, and dart impact resistance, Exceed XP 7 PE solutions enable converters to create innovative new films for: stretch hood films, collation shrink films, primary packaging films, and greenhouse films.

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