ExxonMobil Introduces New Series of Low Density Exceed™ XP 7 Performance Polyethylene Grades That Deliver “Never Seen Before” Levels of Performance

Exceed™ XP 7021 and Exceed™ XP 7052 offer the value chain a combination of attributes that is currently not available in a single resin. This includes high levels of elasticity and holding force, puncture energy (up to 2.3 J/mil) and dart impact resistance (up to 900 gm on a 25.4 micron film). Exceed™ XP 7021 and Exceed™ XP 7052 have been designed to offer levels of performance that enable converters to create innovative new films for stretch hood packaging, collation shrink, primary packaging, and greenhouse applications that previously were not possible.

ExxonMobil has developed a new series of Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene (PE) grades that deliver remarkable mechanical performance with a combination of low density and fractional melt index (MI).

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