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Our Polyethylene Portfolio

With critical properties such as strength, durability and toughness, easier sealing, and outstanding optics, our leading-edge polyethylene formulations help create, protect and promote products throughout the packaging, agriculture, industrial, personal care and hygiene markets.

From store shelves, to harvesting, to shipping, to the factory, products made with our performance polymers can help reduce risk of waste, breakage and spoilage across the value chain.

This guide provides recommendations regarding which resins and grades are a good fit for certain applications, properties and types of processing. For more detailed comparisons between specific grades access our digital product selector.

mechanical properties
Exceed™ S
Exceed™ XP
So much, so simply
When your applications are so demanding, a compromise between stiffness and toughness cannot be accepted, and easy processability is essential.
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Stiffness and toughness
Easy to process
Enhanced film durability
Conversion efficiency
Easy processability
For more stable operations and better line output, Enable™ PE resins deliver excellent processability and bubble stability with HAO properties in a single resin.
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Excellent processability
Higher output
Operational stability
Downgauging potential
Extreme performance
If your applications are highly demanding, Exceed™ XP PE resins offer the mechanical properties needed to truly deliver extreme performance.
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Extreme toughness and strength
Exceptional flex-crack resistance
Extreme impact and tear resistance
Sealability and optical performance
For your applications that need a combination of outstanding sealing and best-in-class optical properties.
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Sealing performance
Toughness and strength
Gloss and transparency
Impact resistance
Imagine the possibilities for production innovation
Vistamaxx performance polymers are semi-crystalline copolymers with tunable amorphous content and are compatible with other polyolefinic materials.
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Cost savings
Enhanced recycling
Ethylene alpha olefin copolymers that bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics
Alpha olefin copolymers for flexible packaging, molded/ extruded products, wire and cable, and foaming compounds.
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Light weight
General purpose performance for almost every conversion process
General purpose performance with easy processing across a wide range of densities. Available for blown, cast, extrusion
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Versatile and cost effective
Sealing performance
Can reduce costs in high-performance structures
Delivering must-have performance
For your applications that require a combination of high melt strength, excellent optical properties, and outstanding shrink performance, turn to ExxonMobil™ low-density polyethylene (LDPE) resins.
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High melt strength
Excellent optical properties
Outstanding shrink performance
A balance of toughness, stiffness and processability
When your applications need a balanced combination of processability, toughness and stiffness, our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are the solution.
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Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)
Impact resistance
Stiffness maintained
Easy processability
This is a representation of the ExxonMobil resin portfolio for flexible film design
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Blown film
Cast film
Extrusion coating
Oriented film
Blow molding
Injection molding
Rotational molding
Pipe extrusion
Sheet extrusion
Exceed™ S Exceed™ XP Exceed™ Enable™ Exact™ Paxon™ HDPE
Dart impact
Tear resistance
Melt strength
High output
Shrink force
Flex crack resistance
Filler compatibility
Elastic recovery
Cross linkability
Exceed™ S Exceed™ XP Exceed™ Enable™ Exact™ Vistamaxx™ Paxon™ HDPE
Building & construction
Healthcare & medical
Industrial applications
Exceed™ S Exceed™ XP Exceed™ Enable™ Exact™ Paxon™ HDPE LLDPE LDPE
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