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Plastomers are ethylene alpha olefin copolymers that bridge the gap between elastomers and plastics. With rubber-like properties and the processability of plastic, they are used as polymer modifiers to provide unique properties in flexible packaging, molded and extruded products, and foamed compounds.


  • Flexible packaging – enhanced toughness, clarity and sealing performance
  • Molded and extruded products – improved impact strength and flexibility
  • Foamed compounds – added durability to lightweight shoe midsoles


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    Exact™ plastomer resins for film packaging

    Exact plastomer resins for film packaging can be used in blends with polyolefins to improve the heat-sealing performance and toughness in film applications.

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    Exact™ plastomer resins for molded and extruded products

    With characteristics that improve strength and flexibility, Exact plastomer resins’ rubber-like properties support product durability and processability.

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Industries and applications

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    Case study: Improving the performance and appearance of plastic stationery products

    Ningbo LIBO Stationery Co. Ltd. has used Vistamaxx™ performance polymers to establish a strong price advantage in a competitive market.

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    Containers, totes, boxes, luggage and toys

    Easy to disperse and highly compatible, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers are particularly effective in modifying PP to enhance flexibility, soft touch, impactstrength and adhesion, while maintaining clarity.

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