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  • Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging full PE SUP solutions

    Case Study: Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging evolves full PE solutions to help meet the market's sustainability needs

    As society is increasingly requesting packaging solutions with sustainability benefits, ExxonMobil and Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging collaborated to push packaging design boundaries by implementing full PE packaging into various applications and packaging formats.

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  • Image Selene Case study HDS wth PCR

    Sustainable heavy duty sack films containing 50% post-consumer recycled content maintain performance

    See how The Selene Group, a leading polyethylene (PE) film converter and recycler based in Italy and ExxonMobil  developed heavy duty sack films solution (Selene NextBag™) containing 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in response to brand owner commitments, consumer feedback and regulatory changes.

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  • collation shrink image

    Sustainable Collation Shrink Films Containing 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Content Maintain Performance

    Barbier and ExxonMobil collaborated to develop a new solution that includes PCR PE without compromising performance, film thickness or processability.

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  • An innovative full-PE recyclable non-laminated stand-up pouch

    Winpack group turned to the ExxonMobil PE product and technology teams to help deliver an innovative solution for a full polyethylene non-laminated SUP to package frozen fruit.

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  • Embaquim BiB solution minimizes product returns and uses less material

    This recyclable bag-in-box (BiB) solution helps to reduce waste, minimize product returns and uses less material thanks to the extreme toughness and flex-crack resistance provided by Exceed™ XP.

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  • Stretch hood packaging films with leading-edge technology for a new generation

    Discover how ExxonMobil's industry-leading performance polymers enable Zhejiang Bili Polymer Technology Co. Ltd. to fabricate EVA-free solutions with excellent toughness, high clarity and a tailored balance between elasticity and holding force.

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  • Heavy duty sacks can now be made with multi-cycle recycled PE

    What if someday we could recycle heavy duty sacks again and again? Today is that someday. See how ExxonMobil and Reifenhäuser collaborated to create heavy duty sacks (HDS) that can be recycled multiple times and re-used to produce new sacks.

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  • Exceed™ XP performance PE polymers help Benepak reach a new benchmark

    Learn how the largest cast stretch silage film producer in China discovered new levels of toughness, impact strength and puncture resistance.

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  • Full PE pouches recycled to create new PE pouches

    ExxonMobil collaborated with key industry partners to develop a solution that uses recycled full PE laminated SUPs to manufacture new full PE laminated SUPs.

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  • Improving load stability with extreme performance HDS films

    Discover how to create thinner, tougher, high output heavy duty sacks (HDS) films with extreme performance for improved load stability.

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  • Achieving a recyclable 100% PE laminated pouch with excellent stiffness and optical properties

    ExxonMobil, in collaboration with Reifenhäuser, has developed a PE substrate that offers high stiffness with excellent optical properties for 100% PE laminated pouches.

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  • THE HIGHER ROAD - High performance films for consistent load stability

    The value chain provides valuable insight into how more consistent load stability can protect products and make our roads are safer. Learn how better holding force, force absorption and load lock is being achieved in sustainable stretch films due to our performance polyethylene. Experience tomorrow’s performance today in your stretch films.

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  • Growing sustainability in agriculture

    Exceed™ XP is helping farmers and film converters such as Yunnan Kedi Plastics Co., Ltd. in Qujing, China, meet their goals of doing more with less.

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  • Manufacturing a new generation of longer-lasting premium agricultural films

    Ihlshin uses Exceed™ XP to create extremely damage-resistant large lay-flat films that are ideal for premium agricultural films, including greenhouse, walk-in tunnel cover, silage and mulch solutions.

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Disclaimer : 

Packaging made from a single polymer structure is easier to recycle, in communities where programs and facilities to collect and recycle plastic films exist

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