Case study: Innovative PE//PE laminated structure provides sustainability benefits while replacing PET//PE in stand-up pouches (SUP)

Trupal S.A., a leading polyethylene (PE) film converter and packaging company based in Peru, wanted to develop a stand-up pouch (SUP) solution that was fully recyclable. Today, most conventional SUPs are laminated using BOPET//PE or BOPA//PE, which can be difficult to recycle because they consist of multi-material structures and have layers that can be hard to separate. In this instance, Trupal wanted to replace an SUP made with PET//PE. Find out how they did it. (* Recyclable in communities with programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle plastic film.)

Trupal and ExxonMobil combined their expertise in film converting/packaging and polymer technology to develop a new PE//PE laminated structure for the SUP. Working collaboratively, a laminated structure of two PE plies was developed, resulting in an all-PE fully recyclable pouch.

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