construction worker with hard hat and plans

Building and construction  

ExxonMobil Chemical products help developers, engineers and manufacturers of building and construction products meet rigorous performance specifications for the most demanding conditions. Our specialty elastomers, performance polymers, polyethylene resins, butyl polymers, synthetic fluids, plasticizers, and hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids provide consistent quality for products used for building and construction.

  • Cutting wires and cords

    Electrical and fiber optics

    Products such as specialty elastomers, plasticizers, propylene-based elastomers, EPDM rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) resins are used to build and protect electrical components while delivering the highest levels of performance and reliability in severe operating conditions.

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  • Woodlike flooring close up

    Flooring and carpet backing

    ExxonMobil Chemical provides plasticizers and performance polymers for durable, efficient and safe flooring and carpet backing solutions.

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  • Construction worker looking at plans with fellow construction workers in background

    Geomembranes, liners and geotextiles

    Our performance polymers allow the creation of damage-resistant geomembranes, construction liners and geotextiles that protect and preserve buildings and structures while providing opportunities for improved energy efficiency and safety.

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  • Construction and glazing seals

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) to meet the needs of demanding residential and commercial sealing applications.

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  • Aerial view of residential construction

    Insulation and waterproofing membrane

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed performance polymers and rubber materials to meet the needs of demanding applications, including residential sound insulation and roof sheeting.

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  • Plumbing tubes close-up


    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) for a range of demanding plumbing applications, including general seals and grommets, supply lines and riser tubes, deck plate seals, toilet flush valves and flapper valves, pullout sprayer hoses, diaphragms and plumbing parts for potable water.

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  • Multiple Colored Doorframes

    Decorative coatings

    ExxonMobil’s broad portfolio of hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids allows customers to tailor their paint, coating and ink formulations for peak performance; meet anticipated market needs; and satisfy increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

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  • Multiple highways crossing over

    Roads and highways

    Our products support manufacturers of road construction essentials, from bitumen (asphalt) to expansion joints.

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  • Shower sealants application

    Sealants and mastics

    Improve sealant permanence and stability with Jayflex™ plasticizers.

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  • Wall covering close-up

    Wall covering

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed diisononyl phthalates (DINP), which offer the optimal balance of processability and performance for a range of wall-covering applications.

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  • Contractor working on house frame

    Industrial fabric coatings

    ExxonMobil Chemical has developed performance polymers that are extrudable over a wide temperature range and can be used to tailor the end-use properties of polyethylene- or polypropylene-based coatings.

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  • Close up of Filtration unit


    The consistent and uniform filtration properties of nonwovens made from Achieve™ Advanced PP promote high performance in filters for liquids, air and gas in automotive applications. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can also be used to tailor barrier properties of filtration nonwovens.

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