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Exxon™ butyl

A valuable ally for countless applications. Exxon™ butyl rubber is the foundation of today’s butyl rubber technology. It is a copolymer of isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene, providing for a highly saturated backbone. Thanks to excellent air-barrier performance, aging resistance, flex fatigue resistance and vibration damping, Exxon™ butyl rubber plays a crucial role across different applications, such as tire innertubes, curing bladders and envelopes, hoses, adhesives & sealants and many other rubber goods suitable for industrial and consumers applications.


At your service anywhere in the world. Thanks to manufacturing centers distributed all over the world, ExxonMobil delivers raw material right on time, while ensuring consistent quality all year long. Regional technology teams are globally available to readily support the customers in their daily needs, leveraging on an extensive experience built across the different industries.

Performance and benefits

  • Wide vulcanization versatility for a flexible and optimized curing process
  • Broad range of durometer and tensile strength properties to allow a selection of the most suitable material
  • Good compatibility to other general purpose rubber, suitable for the most appropriate compounding solutions
  • Good compression set to preserve the original shape of the component after deformation
  • Low modulus elastomer for optimal tackiness performance

Industries and applications

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