Chemist using microscope

Technology overview

ExxonMobil Product Solutions' technological achievements have enriched the lives of people everywhere. Since 1920, these breakthroughs have contributed to a foundation for innovation that is stronger than ever.

Among the many highlights:

  • 1937 – First butyl rubber produced
  • 1940s – Pioneered liquid feedstock steam cracking
  • 1968 – DINP (Diisononyl phthalate) plasticizer commercialized
  • 1980 – First ethylbenzene process using zeolite catalyst
  • 1989 – ExxonMobil Product Solutions' proprietary metallocene catalyst technology introduced
  • 1991 – First commercial metallocene polyolefin
  • 2000 – XyMax™ process technology for xylene  isomerization technology commercialized
  • 2002 – Largest film orienter line in Europe unveiled
  • 2011 – The Shanghai Technology Center opened

Better products, brighter future

Our focus on developing new products with environmentally preferred characteristics has led to recent advances that span many chemical families and end uses.

  • Enable™ performance PE polymers offer the potential to significantly reduce waste and energy consumption across a broad spectrum of film applications.
  • Proprietary catalyst hydrogenation technology led to the introduction of Ultra-Low Aromatic (ULA) hydrocarbon fluids that help comply with the most stringent environmental and regulatory requirements.

Technology licensing

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing, LLC licenses a broad portfolio of ExxonMobil’s refining, gas and chemical technologies and offers specialty catalysts for the manufacture of fuels, lubricant base stocks, basic chemicals and intermediates products. Our high performing catalysts, advanced process technologies and global operating experience help customers improve operations, lower emissions, and produce high-value products.