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Automakers, parts manufacturers, tire companies and other auto-related businesses around the world rely on ExxonMobil Chemical to deliver advanced materials that help drive the difference in automotive design.

Supporting the ongoing efforts to build cars with better mileage and lower emissions, our diverse range of products and technical support can help you enhance your products and productivity.

  • ExxonMobil Chemical engineer with tire


    Rely on our butyl rubber products to improve innerliner inflation pressure loss rate (IPLR), which provides consumers with increased in-use fuel efficiency tire performance and durability.

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    Glass run channel weather seals

    The new Santoprene™ integrated thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) system solutions incorporate post-consumer recycled content while keeping quality high and optimizing cost-efficiency.

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  • Mechanic looking at engine from under the hood

    Under the hood

    Improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of under-the-hood automotive components with thermoplastic vulcanizates, EPDM rubber and butyl rubber, and polypropylene.

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  • Blue Car side mirror


    From durability and scratch-resistance to strength and a “comfort-touch” feel, ExxonMobil Chemical offers the essential ingredients for optimal performance in interior automotive parts.

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  • Black car in motion rearview

    Exterior, body and chassis

    From lightweight seals and gaskets to step-out toughness and stiffness balance for vehicle bumpers, ExxonMobil Chemical offers the essential ingredients for optimal performance in exterior automotive parts.

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  • Yellow and Blue wires

    Wires and cables

    Jayflex™ plasticizers contribute to the effectiveness of PVC as an insulating and sheathing material, providing the durability and resistance to heat aging conditions.

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  • Silver Car being Pumped with gas

    Additives – Fuels and lubricants

    A broad portfolio of aromatic fluids enables formulators to choose the grade that will provide the best possible performance for their refining, fuel or lubes additives.

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  • Close up of Filtration unit


    The consistent and uniform filtration properties of nonwovens made from Achieve™ Advanced PP promote high performance in filters for liquids, air and gas in automotive applications. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can also be used to tailor barrier properties of filtration nonwovens.

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  • Electic vehicle charging.

    Electric vehicle (EV) fluids

    Hybrid and electric vehicles bring new requirements for electrical and thermal properties in lubricants. Our scientists are creating breakthrough synthetic base stock formulations that meet the needs of this expanding market.

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  • Race car on black background


    Learn about ExxonMobil Chemical's specialty elastomers for automotive weatherseals.

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  • multiple blue ev cars

    How can air increase an Electric Vehicle’s range?

    Electric vehicles with underinflated tires lose battery range, so retaining air is key. Learn about an existing easy solution.

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  • exxpro blue car arch

    Boost your tires for the new mobility

    Lower permeability than regular halobutyl polymers, making it perfect for tire innerliner applications to achieve better tire and vehicle performance.

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  • Butyl Inner Tube Liner graphic

    Air retention matters!

    Learn more about ExxonMobil Chemical’s butyl rubber products and how tires with halobutyl innerliners maintain proper tire pressure, and better air retention brings better performance.

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Featured resources

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    Rubber & Plastics News: How mobility trends are affecting new material development

    In this interview, Sujith Nair, Senior market developer, butyl polymers, discusses the impact of future automotive technologies, with elastomers like Santoprene™ TPV and Exxpro™ 3563 on vehicle performance.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    As published by SAE: Range anxiety? Geely talks about tire air retention

    A three-way collaboration between Geely Auto Group, Linglong Shandong Tire and ExxonMobil led to Geely changing its tire IPLR specification to < 1.8%.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    European Rubber Journal: Why tire air retention matters now more than ever

    Exxpro 3563-based tire innerliners provide as much as 46% improvement in IPLR over current industry standard blends, reduces wear and rolling resistance, and improves vehicle handling.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical play button icon

    Video: Proper air retention can make all the difference

    t’s the everyday moments that can easily go from simple to complex, good to bad, or economical to expensive – simply due to tire inflation. ExxonMobil halobutyl tire innerliners help to keep the air in your tires.

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