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Tire innerliners – the key to air retention  

Air retention is critical to tire performance – and that’s especially important for electric vehicles (EV) due to the increased demands they place on tires through heavier weight and instant torque.

The key to improving air retention? Make better tire innerliners by:

  • Reducing permeability – Use more halobutyl or Exxpro™ 3563 specialty elastomer to decrease permeability.
  • Increasing thickness – Air retention is directly proportional to innerliner thickness. Thicker is better. Thin spots decrease air retention.
  • Increasing endpoint – The closer the end-to-toe distance, the less air is lost at innerliner ends. Air retention is best when liner ending is located outside the rim.
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What factors most affect a tire’s air retention?

EV tire air loss impact study

In a first-of-its-kind study, ExxonMobil engineers conducted real-world road tests to measure the impact of air loss in electric vehicles (EVs) – specifically, the impact on energy consumption and vehicle range.

Watch the video to find out how the tests were conducted and to see the revealing data the tests produced.

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EV in-use range loss vs. time

ExxonMobil studies show that tire air loss can decrease electric vehicle battery range by as much as 7%. Innerliners made with premium material help increase air retention, which increases EV range.   

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