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Why air retention matters  

•   Improved fuel economy 

•   Low emissions 

•   High safety standards 

•   Longer tire life 

It all starts where the rubber meets the road. Tires with halobutyl innerliners maintain proper tire pressure, and better air retention brings better performance.

Improve tire performance with halobutyl innerliners

Find out how a better innerliner offers strength, from the inside out. Watch this video for more information on how tires with halobutyl innerliners can improve overall vehicle performance.

It all makes a difference

Tire pressure can affect the entire driving experience. Learn more about how drivers can gain benefits from properly inflated tires.

An already available technology that can make a positive impact

More information on halobutyl rubber, including product data sheets and gradeslates, and other innovative ExxonMobil automotive solutions.

  • Strength. From the inside out.

    Read more detailed information on halobutyl products from ExxonMobil.

    Learn more about halobutyl
  • Complete automotive solutions

    ExxonMobil products are used throughout the car, from tires to weather seals and even under the hood.

    Discover our products
  • More than eighty years of butyl technology

    Learn about the properties and applications of our butyl gradeslate.

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