vapor phase xylenes

Vapor phase xylenes isomerization (XyMax℠-2)

The XyMax℠-2 process is the latest generation of vapor phase isomerization technology and is available for license by ExxonMobil directly, as well as by Axens as part of the ParamaX® technology suite for grassroots aromatics complexes.

Key benefits

XyMax-2 flowscheme

The following simplified flowscheme shows the XyMax-2 process in a typical fractionation and recovery section of an aromatics complex.

XyMax-2 process: Lower operating costs, ultra-low xylenes losses, extremely long cycles

XyMax-2 process is the seventh generation of vapor-phase isomerization technology licensed by ExxonMobil. The process features a higher activity catalyst, higher weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) and expanded temperature window compared to prior ExxonMobil vapor phase isomerization technologies. The XyMax-2 process is ideal for debottlenecking xylenes isomerization units as it requires lower catalyst volumes than any process currently in service, achieves higher ethylbenzene (EB) conversion per pass and offers the flexibility of operating at temperatures similar to or lower than existing processes.

LPI advantages

  • Higher WHSV
  • Higher throughput for revamps
  • Reduced unit size for grassroots applications
  • Lower catalyst inventory
  • Ultra-low xylene losses
  • High Paraxylene approach to equilibrium (100% or more) throughout the cycle
  • Low operating costs
  • Lower reactor temperature
  • Lower hydrogen to hydrocarbon ratio
  • Higher EB conversion reducing EB traffic in the xylenes loop
  • Higher benzene product purity
  • Extremely long cycles with consistent conversions

Life cycle support

  • Initial discussions to confirm client objectives and tailor the solution
  • Detailed yield estimate
  • Feasibility study
  • Commercial proposal
  • Process design package
  • Technology transfer, training, catalyst loading and start-up support
  • Technology improvement
  • Performance monitoring and technical assistance throughout the life of the catalyst

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