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Catalysts and Technology Licensing

ExxonMobil helps refiners and petrochemical manufacturers increase capacity, lower costs, improve margins, and operate safe, reliable and efficient facilities. In our commitment to helping customers implement best practices and achieve better results, we provide cutting-edge proprietary catalysts and license advantaged process technologies for refining, gas and chemical needs.


Innovation and access to ExxonMobil expertise across a wide range of manufacturing processes.


Cost effective, low-risk solutions for gas cleanup and production.

  • Synthetic fuels (Methanol to gasoline)

    Our methanol-to-gasoline synthesis converts methanol to gasoline and minimizes logistical complexity. The liquid product has virtually no sulfur and can be used as is or blended.


Higher product yields and higher-value end products across fuel and lubes production.

  • Renewable fuels

    EMRD™ a proprietary process technology, and BIDW™, a proprietary bio-dewaxing catalyst, produce renewable diesel from bio-feedstocks.

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