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Lubes production

ExxonMobil is the leading provider of advanced lubes manufacturing technologies that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality and profitability. Our advanced hydroprocessing technologies provide maximum value through exceptional process performance for yield, run length and durability while producing outstanding product qualities.

Our process

Our applications

  • Lubricant base stock hydrofinishing (MAXSAT™ catalyst)

    Read about how refiners use MAXSAT as a hydrofinishing catalyst to enhance the color, oxidative and thermal stability of base stocks.

  • Lubricant base stock dewaxing (MSDW™ technology)

    Read how MSDW™ selective dewaxing technology allows refiners to improve base stock cold-flow properties and convert wax to high viscosity index lubricant.

  • Lubricant dewaxing (MWI™ technology)

    Read how refiners can use MWI™ wax isomerization technology to convert slack wax or other highly paraffinic streams into Group III+ base stocks.

  • Specialty hydrotreating (RHT/RHC)

    Transform a Group I solvent lube plant into a Group II/II+/III advanced and flexible manufacturing facility in a cost-effective way.

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