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Conventional fuel production

ExxonMobil is a leading provider of fuel refining technologies that meet customer needs for high-quality transportation fuels. Our technologies can offer higher yields of diesel and processing advantages across fuel production.

Our process

Our applications

  • Diesel dewaxing (MIDW™)

    A catalyst technology that provides higher yields of low cloud point diesel and offers higher capacity while lowering operating costs.

  • Sulfuric acid alkylation (ALKEMAX™)

    Sulfuric Acid Alkylation (SAA) technology reacts light olefins with isobutane to form high value alkylate for gasoline blending.

  • Specialty hydroprocessing (Celestia™ catalyst)

    Learn more about Celestia ultra-high activity, bulk metal hydroprocessing catalyst that can help increase your operation performance and flexibility.

  • Specialty hydroprocessing (Nebula®)

    Discover how Nebula bulk metal hydroprocessing catalyst can double activity and hydrogenation power.

  • Mogas production (BenzOUT™)

    Commercially proven technology for benzene reduction in gasoline by converting benzene into higher alkylaromatic blending components.

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