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Lubricant base stock hydrofinishing (MAXSAT™ catalyst)

ExxonMobil’s MAXSAT™ is a proprietary, state-of-the-art aromatic saturation catalyst that integrates well with lubes or fuels hydrocrackers or as a hydrofinishing step with hydrodewaxing technologies. Refiners use MAXSAT as a hydrofinishing catalyst to enhance the color, oxidative and thermal stability of the base stock.

Key benefits

Exceptional base stock products

MAXSAT is a noble-metal hydrofinishing catalyst with a proprietary support that is more polar tolerant and cost-effective than existing hydrofinishing catalysts. Due to its high sulfur tolerance and exceptional saturation capability, MAXSAT produces base stocks with excellent color and stability.
DWO saturates graph

MAXSAT process

MAXSAT base stocks process chart

MAXSAT™ services include:

  • Initial non-confidential consultations
  • Development of licensing proposal
  • Basic engineering package, including basic design specification and operating guide
  • Engineering support during FEED and EPC stages
  • Technology transfer, training, catalyst loading and startup support
  • Performance estimates for catalyst refills

MAXSAT hydrofinishing

MAXSAT removes polynuclear aromatics (PNAs) and trace amounts of olefins. PNA equilibrium is controlled by reaction temperature and pressure. MAXSAT is highly efficient at aromatic saturation even in the presence of moderate amounts of polars.

Proven performance

Commercially proven MAXSAT technology provides:

  • High saturation activity
  • High sulfur tolerance
  • Low density

MAXSAT’s low density helps limit catalyst cost by minimizing the total weight of hydrogenation metal needed. As a drop-in catalyst, MAXSAT has demonstrated excellent performance when integrated with other processing equipment.

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