Longer-lasting greenhouse films that protect and preserve harvests in even the most demanding weather conditions. Lightweight silo bags provide opportunities for cost savings yet remain uncompromised on load strength. Durable silage cover films featuring recycled content maintain the highest standards of performance.

These are not future possibilities for agricultural films. They are advanced solutions made possible today by ExxonMobil performance polyethylene polymers. Learn how ExxonMobil PE can grow your business today.

Additionally, ExxonMobil Chemical hydrocarbon fluids are available and specifically designed to help agricultural pesticide producers formulate crop protection products.

Agri value chain
  • Crops close up

    Crop protection

    ExxonMobil Chemical hydrocarbon fluids are specifically designed to help agricultural pesticide producers formulate the best crop protection products that also meet regulatory and environmental requirements.

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  • Greenhouse films

    Greenhouse cover and tunnel films made with better moisture retention, temperature management and crop protection for a longer growing season.

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  • Mulch films

    Mulch films with high tear strength and toughness to maintain integrity in demanding weather conditions for longer lasting solutions.

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  • Silage and silo bag films

    Extremely tough, yet thinner and lighter silage films used for silo bags, silage cover and silage stretch applications help farmers protect their harvests.

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  • Oil seed extraction

    For over 30 years, ExxonMobil Chemical has been providing reliable product and solution-based expertise globally, helping processors effectively meet their most demanding extraction challenges.

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  • Containers filled with liquid

    Containers and tanks

    ExxonMobil Chemical polypropylene, polyethylene and Vistamaxx™ performance polymer products are designed for high performance and affordability across a wide range of industrial container and tank applications.

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Explore featured stories

  • agriculture films

    Agriculture films provide added value

    Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers can deliver more added-value, more sustainable films for agricultural applications such as greenhouse and tunnel films, mulch films and silage films.

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  • strawberry in greenhouse

    Extreme performance greenhouse films

    Exceed™ XP performance polymers offer a new benchmark for greenhouse and walk-in tunnel cover solutions that require extreme performance.

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  • Benepak silage image

    Case story - Cast stretch silage film with improved mechanical performance

    Exceed™ XP performance PE polymers help Benepak reach a new benchmark for higher performance films.

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  • Exceed™ XP greenhouse video fs sm

    Learn how Exceed XP is helping farmers and film converters in Qujing, China meet their recycling goals of doing more with less.

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  • Exceed™ XP sizzle video fs sm

    Hear what our customers say about Exceed™ XP - when eXtreme Performance matters - for step-out mechanical performance and excellent processability.

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  • Exceed™ XP going beyond video fs sm

    Going beyond to deliver extreme performance and to create sustainable solutions.

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