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    August 6 - Translating Technology into Façade Quality Assurance

    ​Join the discussion with Justin Zhang, Specialty Elastomers Senior Account Manager and Kabi Subramaniam of Arup in the sixth Zak World of Façades South East Asia webinar series to learn on "Translating Technology into Façade Quality Assurance" 3:30pm (UTC+8), host live on gotowebinar by Zak.

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Past webinars

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    July 16 - Explore innovative sustainable packaging solutions

    Join our polyethylene experts Nilesh Shah and Hari Gusain to learn how ExxonMobil helps you achieve your sustainability goals in all three aspects of packaging - reduce, reuse and recycle. With the publishing of the Plastic Waste Management Rules (PWMR) by the Indian government that include phasing out manufacture of non-recyclable/non-energy recoverable/multi-layer plastics (MLPs) or post-consumer recycle (PCR) incorporation in secondary packaging, ExxonMobil aims to serve this need through innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

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    July 6 - What’s new in rotational molding?

    Experience tomorrow’s performance today in rotational molding. ExxonMobil Rotomolding and Injection Molding Product Advisor, Ron Cooke, gives an overview of our expanded resin portfolio built based on customer needs. Learn about the latest ExxonMobil™ HDPE solutions for tanks, industrial, proprietary and custom products, and expand your knowledge about our Paxon™ HDPE cross-linkable polyethylene product portfolio.

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    July 3 - New elastomers for the next generation of EVs

    Recyclability, light weighting and tire rolling resistance for improved EV performance and energy efficiency. Mobility is changing around the world and disruptive trends continue to shape the future of vehicles. In this discussion, two elastomers: Santoprene™ TPV and Exxpro™ 3563 specialty elastomer will be proposed as novel solutions enabling step-out performance of the next generation electric vehicle.

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    June 30 - How can Synthetic Base Oils help develop next generation electric vehicle fluids?

    Join synthetics application developer Dr. Babak Lotfi to learn which formulations have shown the superior tribological, electrical, and thermal management properties critical for next generation e-module fluids .

    The automotive industry demands improved fuel economy and energy efficiency. Rapid adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) challenges lubricant and fluid developments, particularly for e-module fluids.

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