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High viscosity polyalphaolefins  

Available in 40 and 100 cSt at 100°C viscosities, SpectraSyn™ Hi Vis (High Viscosity) PAO (polyalphaolefins) feature low-temperature properties, low volatility and improved thermal stability. Their high viscosity indices translate into improved flow at low temperatures and increased film thickness at high temperatures. In addition to being shear stable and hydrolytically stable, they have good compatibility with mineral oils.

SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO are particularly well-suited for industrial oils requiring high stability under extreme operating conditions. They are frequently used with lower-viscosity fluids (PAO, mineral oils) as a viscosity booster to achieve a wide range of ISO VG industrial and automotive gear oils.


  • High VI for enhanced wear protection and fuel efficiency
  • Low-temperature fluidity for optimal flow
  • Low volatility to minimize oil consumption
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability for long drain intervals


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    SpectraSyn™ Hi Vis (High Viscosity) PAO

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