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Gas treating  

To help refiners and gas processors meet their sulfur removal targets and today’s stringent emission regulations, we provide world-class gas-treating technologies. Jointly developed by BASF and ExxonMobil, OASE® sulfexx™ technology provides selective sulfur removal and high energy efficiency. FLEXSORB™ SE and FLEXSORB™ SE Plus technologies are designed for selective removal of H2S in the presence of CO2 using proprietary severely sterically hindered amines.

These exceptional gas-treating technologies are designed to enable:

  • Low operating costs and energy consumption
  • Low capital costs
  • Environmental benefits

Our Process

Gas treatment process chart

Our Applications

  • OASE® sulfexx™ technology

    Backed by robust technical support, OASE sulfexx solvent enables selective removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) while minimizing the co-absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2).

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  • FLEXSORB™ technology

    Proven in over 100 commercial units worldwide, the FLEXSORB suite of gas-treating technologies and absorbents enables processing of sour gas streams while helping to meet emission regulations and sulfur recovery objectives.

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Featured resources

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    ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC and BASF Corporation to demonstrate the next generation of high performance selective solvent to decrease sulfur emissions

    Innovative technology improves selective removal of H₂S and minimizes absorption of CO₂ from gas streams.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC, BASF Corporation form gas treating alliance for natural gas processing and petroleum refining

    The alliance leverages ExxonMobil and BASF’s collective expertise to meet customer needs.

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    A Particle of Difference

    How ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing solves shared challenges through expertise, specialty catalysts, technology licensing and collaboration.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Library icon

    ExxonMobil Catalysts and Technology Licensing – summary of technologies offered

    Learn about the cutting-edge, proprietary catalysts and advantaged process technologies that ExxonMobil provides for refining, gas and chemical needs.

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