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Online lube optimization model  

Boost lube product yield and quality with quick and easy assessments using the online lube optimization model. This predictive tool enables you to quickly and cost-effectively test the impact of feedstock and operational changes on lube product yield and quality. Developed from years of ExxonMobil expertise and experience, the tool can be tuned to match actual unit performance, delivering valuable data to help enable decisions about how best to:

  • Evaluate feed flexibility
  • Optimize product mix
  • Maximize operational value

Two modules

The model has lube hydrocracker (LHDC) and dewaxing modules, which can be run independently or linked. Each module predicts process performance and product yields and qualities based on key operating variables, such as average reactor temperature, space velocity, pressure, product fractionation cut point and separation efficiency.

Key features

Easy functionality

Input cells constrained to prevent input errors and define operating windows

Secure data

Housed on dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers

Expert support

Onboarding, model tuning, user training, annual tuning and refresher training

Continuous upgrades

Ongoing updates based on our latest research and commercial data

Predictive accuracy

Model can be tuned to match actual unit performance

Versatile capability

Hydrocracking and dewaxing modules available

Customized for you

The optimization model provides more accurate, quantitative guidance when tuned to the specific unit commercial data using available tuning factors. The tuned model can be used to expand the unit’s operating envelope with new feed and product specifications, and to optimize the process performance.

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