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Polyalphaolefin plus

To meet increasingly stringent emission regulations, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) demand lower and lower lubricant viscosity grades for engine and transmission oils. Formulators turn to lighter base oils, which typically have better low-temperature fluidity but also tend to have high volatility that can increase emissions and oil consumption.

With its exceptional combination of low volatility and low-temperature viscosity, SpectraSyn Plus™ PAO synthetic base stocks allow the formulator to further optimize their base stock blends to achieve the required performance.

SpectraSyn Plus PAO is available in three viscosity grades:

  • 3.6 cSt – Ideal for high-performance, low-temperature applications, such as greases and driveline fluids
  • 4 cSt – Suited to a wide range of automotive applications due to Noack, CCS and viscosity characteristics
  • 6 cSt – Suited for automotive and industrial applications that require good low-temperature and low-volatility performance.

Product data

Viscosity and volatility

Enhanced volatility

In the ASTM D445 tests, SpectraSyn Plus PAO demonstrates a better balance of Kinematic viscosity (at 100°C) and Noack volatility compared to Group III and Group IV reference oils.
NOACK volatility and kinematic viscocity of group III, group IV, and SpectraSyn Plus PAO.

Improved volatility

ASTM D2270 measures the apparent viscosity of engine oils and base stocks between -5°C and -35°C using a Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS). Noack volatility is measured by ASTM D5800. SpectraSyn Plus PAO demonstrates improved volatility compared to a reference conventional PAO.
NOACK and low temp viscocity of PAOs

Industries and applications

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