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Additives – Fuels and lubricants

In gasoline and diesel fuels, ExxonMobil Product Solutions fluids carry the active ingredients of additive formulations to meet fuel specifications and enhance performance. These fluids also serve as carriers for chemical packages used in refining processes, such as foamers, demulsifiers, and corrosion and fouling inhibitors.

In lubricant additive applications, dearomatized hydrocarbon solvents, synthetic isoparaffins and aromatic fluids can be used as
both carriers and chemical intermediates that form part of the end product. In every application, formulators can count on the
availability, quality and consistency to ensure a stable formulation process.

Applications and benefits

  • The aromatic content of Solvesso™ fluids is typically above 99 percent, and they are available in three boiling ranges with varying volatility
  • High flash points to meet transporting and storage regulations, as well as reduce shipping costs for finished products
  • High solvency power to allow high concentration of active ingredients
  • Available in naphthalene-depleted grades to minimize labeling requirements

Product solutions

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