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Heavy aromatic solvents

Solvesso™ aromatic solvents, branded under ExxonMobil™ aromatic fluids in the U.S., are heavy aromatic grades with high solvency and controlled evaporation characteristics that make them versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications.

The aromatic content of aromatic fluids is typically around 99 percent or higher. They are offered in three boiling ranges with varying volatility. Naphthalene-depleted (less than 1wt%) and ultra low naphthalene (0.1wt%) grades are also available to minimize labeling requirements.

The two primary applications for aromatic fluids are agricultural chemicals and coatings. In agriculture applications, aromatic fluids can be used as solvents for active ingredients, typically in emulsifiable concentrates. In coatings, they are used as solvents in architectural and industrial applications. In both areas, high solvency is critical to good results.



  • Solvency power
  • High flash point (>62 degrees Celsius)
  • Naphthalene-depleted grades
  • Ultra low naphthalene grades

Industries and applications

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