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Synthetic isoparaffins solvents and fluids

Isopar™ fluids are high-purity synthetic isoparaffin solvents with consistent and uniform quality, thanks to selected feedstocks and controlled manufacturing processes. They are produced at world-class plants, delivering one of the narrowest boiling ranges for hydrocarbon fluids.

The purity of Isopar solvent grades, combined with an array of technical attributes, offers end-use benefits for both industrial processes and consumer applications.  


  • Essentially odorless, improving comfort for both workers and end users
  • Narrow boiling ranges for optimal combination of flash point and drying time
  • Extremely low aromatic content to minimize risks from exposure
  • Compatible with most packaging materials
  • High chemical stability for good end-product shelf life
  • Low freeze point
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Low surface tension for superior wetting and surface spreading

Industries and applications

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