HMA assembly

Hot-melt adhesives (HMA) for assembly

Imagine the possibilities of a versatile, high-performance adhesive solution for assembly applications. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers use ExxonMobil’s proprietary metallocene technology to develop a new generation of high-performance HMA formulations.

Adhesives that use Vistamaxx combine it with a mix of ingredients including tackifying resins (such as Escorez™ tackifiers), wax and antioxidant. Since Vistamaxx can account for 70-90% of the mixture, it offers many competitive benefits, including high mileage and low odor.

Key benefits

Low viscosity, high performance

Formulating hot melt adhesives with low-viscosity grades of Vistamaxx polymers (8380, 8880) enables significant performance benefits compared to ethylene-vinyl (EVA)- and amorphous polyalphaolefin (APAO)-based formulations.
Combining two Vistmaxx grades enables formulation flexibility and property balancing.

Open time

Stop watch icon

The Vistamaxx formulations demonstrate tunable open time for a wide range of assembly applications

Comparin open time in seconds for EVA, APAO, and Vistamaxx.


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The Vistamaxx formulations demonstrate excellent adhesion to low-energy substrates

Comparing average force in Newtons for EVA, APAO, and Vistmaxx.

Tunable viscosity

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Vistamaxx performance polymers can cover a broad range of viscosities without sacrificing performance or formulation simplicity

 Tunable viscocity chart by temperature for Vistamaxx.
With tunable viscocities, you are able to tailor formulations to meet your specific needs.

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