Vegan Leather: A luxury alternative

How an alternative to natural leather can help meet demand. 
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Nothing says luxury like leather

Genuine leather has a rich smell and a smooth, supple feel that makes it a popular material for everything from high-end fashion and furniture to automobile interiors and accessories.

Global demand for leather goods is increasing by over 3% per year1, outstripping demand for beef and dairy2 in the United States. Since most cowhides produced by the US beef and dairy industry are converted into finished leather2, demand exceeds the number of cowhide skins available.

Growing the cattle herd size is not without impact. Providing one to two acres of forage per year3, for each additional cow and calf, would lead to significant land clearing. Plus, a larger herd means increased manure volumes4 and elevated emissions from shipping excess US beef and dairy products overseas.

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What if we could meet demand without increasing supply?

We know some cows who would be happy.

While global demand for leather won't be decreasing anytime soon, vegan leather, an alternative to natural leather, is here to help meet that demand.

One type of vegan leather is a synthetic material called "plasticized vinyl". Plasticized vinyl is made by combining a plasticizer with PVC (which often is a hard substance used to make plastic pipe). When the two are combined, the material becomes flexible and versatile, allowing for numerous color and texture applications.

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Is ExxonMobil getting into the fashion business?

Not exactly. But we are setting trends.

ExxonMobil Product Solutions produces a variety of Jayflex™ plasticizers for the production of vegan leather, including DINP. Furniture and fashion applications benefit from Jayflex DINP's ability to help recreate the luxurious leather look and feel.

For auto upholstery requiring a higher molecular weight to meet fogging standards, DIDP has a proven track record and there are other higher molecular weight Jayflex™ plasticizers that can meet evolving customer needs.

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A better way to leather

Fewer cows. More flexibility.

A sustainable alternative to cowhide leather, plasticized vinyl, or vegan leather, is versatile, light and easy to maintain.

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