Hydroprocessing (SCANfining™)  

SCANfining™ technology offers a cost-effective solution for meeting the low sulfur requirements of gasoline. The technology removes sulfur with minimum octane loss by utilizing a jointly developed ExxonMobil/Albemarle catalyst technology coupled with ExxonMobil’s hydroprocessing design. With over 40 licensed units in operation, ExxonMobil brings demonstrated industry experience in offering customizable solutions to meet today’s refining challenges.

Key benefits

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    • Lower hydrogen consumption
    • Meets ULSG (10ppm sulfur) at minimal octane loss

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    • ExxonMobil’s experience in inventing, designing and operating technology
    • Customized solutions engineered to a variety of configurations

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    • Over 40 licensed units in production
    • In commercial use since the 1990s


This robust catalyst system was designed through years of experimentation, resulting in a highly selective catalyst for removal of sulfur from FCC full-range naphtha. The technology allows multiple benefits, such as minimum hydrogenation of olefins (thus preserving octane), and reduced hydrogen consumption – up to 30-50% less than conventional hydrofinishing.

SCANfining solutions  

scanfining process

Flexible solutions  

ExxonMobil’s customized solutions enable investment staging to meet the site-specific sulfur requirements. Depending on the product sulfur requirements, one or two reactors can be offered. SCANfining can be retrofitted using existing equipment, and there are multiple configurations that can best adapt the process to site-specific conditions, resulting in optimized investment. Zeromer™ technology can also be used for the catalytic destruction of mercaptans. Operational feedback and further research and development improve this technology continuously.

Proven global operations  

SCANfining technology has been proven worldwide in successful commercial use since the 1990s. With over 40 units in operation or design around the world, SCANfining is a proven, attractive option for competitively meeting increasing stringent gasoline sulfur specifications.

Staged investment technology options  

  • 95% HDS with SCANfiner I configuration
  • 99% HDS with SCANfiner II configuration

SCANfining services include:  

  • Support for licensees from initial consultation through technology transfer and availability of improvements
  • Initial, non-confidential based meeting to discuss key features and advantages of technologies available for license, followed by technology-specific confidentiality agreement, based on identified needs
  • Detailed technical proposal on identified needs and feedstocks
  • Technology transfer and consultation during project execution
  • Training, commissioning, startup and initial operation support
  • - Detailed procedure manuals
    - ExxonMobil mechanical design specifications
    - Operations, maintenance and engineering training
    - Startup team
  • Technology improvement exchange, available with access to improvements to the licensed technology

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