Close-up of the groves in an underhood v-belt of a red car

Improve heat resistance of v-belts with Vistalon™ EPDM rubber

Vistalon™ 706 ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber is a copolymer specifically engineered for use in industrial power transmission drive belts.
Developed for peak performance, specifically in the grinding manufacturing process, Vistalon 706 offers good tear strength and flex-crack resistance. It outperforms chloroprene rubber in heat aging resistance and is a lower-cost alternative to hydrogenated nitrile rubber.
Compound attributes:
• Extended belt lifetime in a high-temperature environment
• High load to sustain start-up
• High resistance to pulley clogging
• Quieter running

For the molding manufacturing process of v-belt, we recommend Vistalon 2502 and 6602. These amorphous grades provide high mechanical and dynamic properties required by power transmission belts with high heat resistance as well as high resilience. Both grades offer good low temperature properties, flexibility and compression set.

Vistalon EPDM rubber formulations for automotive belts

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