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Flooring and carpet backing

The building and construction industry needs to balance a number of trends, including higher performance, increased durability, improved safety, better aesthetics, reduced maintenance, greater energy efficiency, reduced material use and waste, and lower costs.

To meet this challenge, we have developed plasticizers and performance polymers for a range of demanding flooring and carpet backing applications.

Applications and benefits

Jayflex™ plasticizers offer superior performance and good processing characteristics in resilient flooring, vinyl-backed carpet tiles and vinyl composition tiles.

  • Low specific gravity and low volatility
  • Good permanence and resistance to soapy water extraction
  • Secondary plasticizers can optimize cost, viscosity and processability of your plastisol blends
  • Partial reduction or total elimination of traditional solvents that would otherwise contribute to volatile organic compounds.
  • Opportunity to replace low molecular weight phthalate plasticizer

Recommended products

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers offer effective and efficient solutions for carpet backing tapes and carpet tile backing systems.

  • High filler loading capability with outstanding flexibility in carpet tile backing systems
  • An opportunity for producers of polypropylene (PP) raffia tape used for carpet backing to improve quality by enhancing elongation and tenacity

Recommended products

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