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MB10 plasticizer

Jayflex™ MB10 plasticizer is a monoester of benzoic acid and isodecyl alcohol. It features good compatibility with thermoplastic resins, particularly polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Compared with many other plasticizers, Jayflex MB10 has very low density, potentially leading to greater volumes of finished product and reduced costs for formulators.

Unlike many commercial dibenzoate plasticizers, Jayflex MB10 plasticizer will not solidify at low temperatures. Adding it to a PVC formulation can improve cold-temperature flexibility and low-temperature impact.


Jayflex™ MB10 acts as a secondary plasticizer to reduce the plastisol viscosity without the need for more-volatile hydrocarbon viscosity depressants. Jayflex MB10 has a boiling point well above 300°C (572°F), which helps reduce VOC content. This sustainability advantage, together with excellent resistance to stains, makes Jayflex MB10 an ideal choice for flooring formulators.

Jayflex MB10 plasticizer is registered under REACH regulations. It is not classified as hazardous for any property under EU Directive 67/548/EEC and the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling.

  • Fast-fusing capability, improving PVC processability
  • High efficiency for excellent performance at low temperatures
  • Balanced volatility with very low viscosity
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOCs)
  • Good flexible PVC resistance to stains
  • Contribution to good foam structure and increased foaming rate


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