Color that moves, durability that lasts — Exxtral™ performance polyolefins

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving. Alternative power trains, vehicle autonomy and ridesharing are changing consumer expectations of what they see, touch and feel inside the vehicle. To match this trend, OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers will need more customized and colorable polypropylene formulation options that do not sacrifice durability or application flexibility.

ExxonMobil™ collaborated with Avient, a leader in additives and color masterbatches for plastics, and PVL, a renowned part manufacturer and specialist in decoration and design, to develop a polypropylene formulation that was as durable and flexible as it was colorable. The successful result of this partnership are Exxtral™ BMU046A, Exxtral™ BMU041A and Exxtral™ BMU146F performance polyolefins.

Key benefits

Unlimited possibilities

In collaboration with Avient and PVL, a new Color Case containing Exxtral™ performance polyolefins was created to feature the 23 vivid plaques of different vibrant colors to inspire automotive designers and engineers

Lightweight Exxtral™ BMU046A, Exxtral™ BMU041A and Exxtral™ BMU146F suitable for door panels

Exxtral™ BMU041A and Exxtral™ BMU046A have reduced density vs. P/E TD17 door panel grade
  • 3% lower density for Exxtral™ BMU146F (vs. Ref), up to 11% for Exxtral™ BMU041A
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Easy colorability, even with 16% talc content
Exxtral™ BMU041A and Exxtral™ BMU046A have lightweight opportunity vs. P/E door panel grade
  • 6% lightweight opportunity for Exxtral™ BMU046A, up to 9% for  Exxtral™ BMU041A
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Excellent scratch resistance

How to meet the requirements with Exxtral and Hydrocerol® solution?

Up to 22% lightweighting opportunity with Exxtral™ BMU042A + 2% Hydrocerol® CF40E(1)
Good foam dispersion and homogeneity required to maintain good mechanical properties(2)
Good stiffness / impact balance
Low fogging
Still good appearance
(1) Targeted application is door panel. EM estimates on 290*140mm plaques. Comparison of Exxtral™ BMU042A + 2% Hydrocerol® CF40E in 2-3mm coreback vs. Exxtral™ BMU041A in compact @2.5mm
(2) EM studies #9254, 9262

(3) These are shrink estimates based on lab data or experience. Actual part shrink has to be verified by customer before cutting tools. Data from studies #8226, 8279, 8397, 8465, 8518, 8560, 8599, 8601, 8959, 9005, 9019, 9050, 9094, 9242

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