Fact sheet: Value-added hygiene compression packaging films

By using ExxonMobil performance polyethylene in your formulation you can now produce thin film gauges that were not possible previously, while maintaining or improving package performance. ExxonMobil performance polyethylene resins allow the fabrication of high performing compression packaging films with outstanding sealing properties. Manufacturers can now produce compression packaging films with high gloss for shelf appeal and vibrant graphics. ExxonMobil performance polyethylene resins provide excellent processability for consistent film production, high-speed operations and high output. Less manufacturing and post-consumer waste can be realized because of high integrity compression packaging.

ExxonMobil performance polyethylene resins, including Exceed™ XP and Enable™ allow the production of thinner, stronger compression packaging films, ensuring product quality and integrity from packaging to the consumer, and offering opportunities for cost optimization.

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