Novel performance polyethylene resins for nylon reduction in cast barrier films

Multilayer cast barrier films are used for making thermoformable bottom webs which are a significant part of meat and cheese packages. Such films are typically made of multimaterials such as PE, PP, EVOH and nylon with each material needed for specific functionality of the package. However, there is increasing desire and drive from film converters and brand owners to reduce or eliminate nylon from these packages in order to increase the potential for them to be recycled. As a result, novel performance polyethylene (pPE) resins from ExxonMobil were explored in collaboration with W&H using their 11-layer cast barrier film line at the W&H R&D center. The results of this study showed that it was possible to reduce up to 25% nylon content and in some cases, even up to 50% nylon content in the cast barrier films when specific pPE resins from EMCC were used. Learn about the interesting results from this study in this webinar.

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