Case study: Bag-in-box solutions that reduce failure rates while using only half the plastic content

Embaquim Industria E Comercio Ltda, a leading Brazilian liquid packaging producer, wanted to fabricate high-integrity 1,000 liter bag-in-box (BiB) packaging to transport liquids such as oils, chemicals and food concentrates. Embaquim and ExxonMobil worked together to develop a new solution for 1,000 liter bag-in-box packaging based on Exceed XP performance PE polymers. The new BiB solution, which includes Exceed XP 8656, experienced zero bag failures during transportation, helping to reduce waste and minimize product returns.

This recyclable bag-in-box (BiB) solution helps to reduce waste, minimize product returns and uses less material thanks to the extreme toughness and flex-crack resistance provided by Exceed™ XP.

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