Esterex™ esters

As legislative demands on emissions have increased, global markets have continued to increase their use of both lower-emission technologies, as well as the implementation of new equipment that is capable of handling higher power densities. In turn, this has pushed formulators to innovate and create higher performing lubricants and greases that provide extended durability and improved energy efficiency. Using Esterex esters as part of those base fluids, formulators will see lubricating benefits in modern high performance applications. >80% 40-60% <=20% Ester category Grade SG at 15.6/

Esterex esters make up part of ExxonMobil’s API Group V base stock portfolio. If your challenge is the need to formulate high performance lubricants that meet the current trends for long-lasting, clean, varnish-free performance, and high-temperature stability, then we have the solution.

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