Case study: Scientex achieved impressive stiffness and toughness in MDO films using Exceed™ S performance polyethylene

Scientex, a leading player in flexible plastic packaging with headquarters in Malaysia and plants in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the US, had been testing various solutions for its machine-direction orientation (MDO) films for some time. In MDO film production, a polymer is heated to a temperature slightly below its melting point and stretched in a particular orientation. Stretching film in machine direction accentuates its properties many times over and makes two or three times more product with the same amount of plastic.

Learn how the ExxonMobil team introduced Scientex to its latest and most advanced performance polyethylene, Exceed™ S, before it was commercially available in April, 2022. Scientex was one of the first in the world to trial and test the new resin in their MDO film.

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