Synthetic base stocks for compressor fluids

Worker in a hard hat with ear protection examining a large compressor in a plant environment

Compressor lubricants formulated with Synesstic™ AN (alkylated naphthalene) Blendstocks, in combination with PAO or mineral oil, boost oxidative and thermal stability. Synesstic AN also offers improved hydrolytic stability and is well suited for applications requiring high-stability performance under extreme operating conditions.

In rotary applications, lubricants formulated with SpectraSyn™ Hi Vis and SpectraSyn™ Lo Vis PAO provide superior thermal and oxidative stability over a wide range of temperatures. They also deliver improved water tolerance and protection against corrosion. The hydrolytic stability of the SpectraSyn PAO-based lubricants is especially important in humid environments.

In rotary and reciprocating applications, lubricants formulated with our Esterex™ esters provide natural detergency without forming insoluble varnishes or heavy polymers which may lead to shorter equipment life. They have good oxidative and thermal stability and also provide lubricity and wear protection.


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