Collation shrink films with Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE resins offer retail advantage

With multipack purchasing on the rise, outstanding packaging aesthetics can offer an advantage at retail. Collation shrink films formulated with Exceed and Enable metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins seize that opportunity by combining outstanding packaging integrity with optimal clarity and gloss for enhanced brand promotion.

Multipack film - Exceed and Enable mPE resins for dazzling collation shrink multipack films

Collation shrink multipack film formulations using Exceed mPE and Enable mPE resins can be applied to a broad range of marketing and sales promotion applications that include:

  • Beverages, bottled water and soda
  • Hand soaps and detergents
  • Health and beauty aids
  • Newspaper and magazine bundles

By taking advantage of Exceed mPE resin toughness, strength, optical properties and advanced molecular structure, converters can expect economic benefits through downgauging, excellent reliability on high-speed packaging lines and the potential for paperboard reduction or elimination. Retailers can anticipate exceptional package integrity and eye-catching store displays. Consumers will enjoy easy-to-carry products that arrive home in the same condition they left the store.

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Bundling film - Enable mPE resin for shrink bundling film

As a stand-alone resin, Enable mPE delivers the key capabilities needed in a collation shrink bundling film – outstanding package integrity, downgauging opportunities and packaging-line reliability. Compared with conventional LDPE-rich alternatives, Enable mPE resin-based collation shrink films offer:

  • Significant improvement in toughness, puncture resistance and clarity
  • Tailored TD shrink and holding force capability
  • Lower unit and transportation costs with up to 25% downgauging
  • More-sustainable flexible film solutions through weight reduction

Enable mPE resin-based films also provide improved optical properties for “see-through” clarity, better bar code reading and the option for surface printing.