Exact™ plastomers for film packaging

Food in sealed package

For film packaging that protects products better and attracts customers to displays, designers increasingly are turning to Exact plastomers.

Produced with ExxonMobil Chemical’s proprietary metallocene catalyst and process technology, Exact plastomers offer numerous competitive advantages over conventional polymer products. Consistently narrow composition distribution and molecular weight distribution help deliver targeted performance without the trade-offs of conventional film materials.

Performance advantages of Exact plastomers include:

  • Sealing: Low melting points and seal-initiation temperatures and high hot-tack strength provide a broad sealing range for fast line speeds and optimal results.
  • Toughness: Tensile strength and dart puncture resistance are several times better than in conventional films.    
  • Cleanliness: Package/product interaction is practically eliminated, for standout organoleptics.
  • Breathability: A revolution in fresh packaging applications with modified-atmosphere, gas-permeable films.

Exact plastomers are also well suited for high-performance batch-inclusion bag applications and highly elastic films used in medical hygiene products, diapers and protective clothing.    

Product grades are available in North America from ExxonMobil Chemical. In Europe, product grades are available from Borealis Plastomers.